Are you part of a sports club at Nottingham University that are looking to raise some money? Well, get in touch!

CRISIS have finally started to take proposals for 2022/23 sponsorships for sports clubs.

What sort of thing can you expect?
Each team deal is bespoke to the club who is pitching. You can expect to receive funding in the region of £100-£1500 depending whats in your pitch.

How do you apply?
Simply send us a proposal to [email protected]. It doesn't need to be anything fancy. Just be clear in what you would like from us and what you can offer in return.

Think about logos on shirts, promotion of our brand within your membership, tickets, free places. Anything you think is relevant and we can go from there.

We can't afford to sponsor everyone and we are usually over subscribed, but please do put in your pitch and we will definitely consider it and setup a meeting for the best ones.

There is no formal deadline, but we are looking to make decisions in the beginning of August, so the sooner you send us something, the better.


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