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We've recently changed things, so please read this notice!

From Wed 30th March we are trialling using a new ticketing provider - Ontapp Tickets. We are doing this in order to combat excessive markups on ticket resales. On the new platform it is not possible to resell above the face price of the ticket.

For more info on this change see below:

P.S. If you're prone to skim reading please remember one vital piece of info:
Screenshots do not work on Ontapp Tickets

Our brand new ticketing partners Ontapp Tickets. Never pay for markup on a CRISIS ticket again!
More info...

Please note that booking fees are included in Ontapp's pricing so some tickets may appear slightly higher than normal. They are the same or sometimes less.

Remember to download the Ontapp Tickets App

You can download the Ontapp Tickets app from here:

Ontapp Tickets App Store Ontapp Tickets Play store

Please note the app is a wallet only. No purchases are made within the app.

Tickets on Fixr available here. Please note there will be no All Nighter tickets on Fixr. Please use on Ontapp Tickets tab.


We typically dish out tickets as follows:

1100 E-tickets for general sale
500 Official Sports Clubs at Nottingham University.
100-150 Society groups or IMS teams
200 Priority members
150 Door payers (before allowing for exits and no-shows)

On All Nighters there are no social bookings and everything goes online.

We often lock off tickets to certain group bookings. For example, a Sports team or Society might have a social. Their team can then access tickets using a code that is only sent to them.

Priority members also have their own allocation of tickets that are protected with promo codes

Un-redeemed tickets are always put back on sale. Usually on Mondays at 4pm.

Probably. Please check out how to get in on the door on our Q page.

Resold Fixr tickets. We do permit the reselling of CRISIS tickets. However, it is part of our terms and conditions that the seller cannot mark up by more than 20% on the original face value ticket. If either the seller or buyer is reported to us we will cancel the tickets involved. We will penalise both parties involved and reserve the right to cancel other tickets they hold.

Resold Ontapp Tickets. Customers can resale at face within the app. Any tickets marked for resale will then appear automatically on our website for anyone wanting to buy it.

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