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As much as we would love to chat to you... Do any of these help first?

We can't all be perfect. Not to worry, we generally accept any University student card. We also allow non-students when accompanied by a UoN carded student. However, security still reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone they deem too intoxicated or may potentially cause trouble.

Tickets must only be transferred through the Fixr website or app. Only tickets successfully transferred this way will be admitted. Remember to accept the link once a transfer has been done otherwise it won't go through.

Transfers are prohibited after 9pm. If it is after 9pm you will not be able to transfer the ticket. Please do not attempt to sell on your ticket using a photo, we do not accept screenshots.

Not after 9pm but still won't work? The ticket you have may have been transferred 3 times already. There is a limit on transfers. If it has been transferred 3 times already, it will no longer transfer.

Neither of those cases apply to you? Sounds like technical error so please contact Fixr (our ticketing provider) directly - [email protected]

Because our customers are legends, CRISIS will often sell out in advance. If you have been unable to purchase a ticket you can always pay on the door at The Q, every week including AllNighters.

THE Q is our awesome way of letting you party while you queue. Instead of waiting outside the club, head to BOX (opposite Rock City) and you can be queued electronically in there. Once we have space in CRISIS we will text you to say we are ready for you and you can pick up your ticket from within BOX.

It's *£7 entry all night and is card only, *£8 on AllNighter events. You can keep up to date on our paying queue length on our snapchat (wearecrisis) or TWITTER feed.

Head to THE Q page for more information

You can resell tickets within the FIXR ticketing app or website up until 9pm on the day.

There is a transfer limit of 3 times. After which, you will be unable to transfer tickets.

Please note: This is the only reselling we accept. Tickets resold another way, e.g. screenshots on Buy/Sell are prohibited.

Don't pay a markup more than 20%. If you spot one, screen shot it and send it over so we will cancel the tickets.

We are strongly against the marking up of tickets for profit. This is why we only allow up to 4 tickets per transaction on regular tickets and 1 per person on Sports Tickets.

If you wish to report someone marking up tickets excessively please fill out the form on our 'Contact Us' page and select 'Reporting Ticket Reseller'.

Except for AllNighters, we allocate 2150 tickets for advance purchase.

They are as follows:
Term 1:
• 550 Sports Teams Tickets
• 150 Socials Non-Sport
• 825 General Online Sales
• 625 Paper tickets with first year hall reps

Term 2:
• 550 Sports Teams Tickets
• 150 Socials Non-Sport
• 1150 General Online Sales
• 300 2nd Release Tickets (One week before each event Thurs at 4pm)

Please note: There are no paper tickets in terms 2 and 3

Term 3:
• 150 Socials Non-Sport
• 2000 General Online Sales

We then allow approximately 600-900 door sales. This is all administered from THE-Q

For AllNighters, all tickets are online and balloted. Please join THE BALLOT.

1. If you haven’t already done so check your junk email folder.
2. If you still can’t find them log into your FIXR account, go into the ticket section and check there. Alternatively, please use the FIXR APP.
3. If there’s still no sign of any tickets but money has left your account, please contact fixr directly - [email protected].

Sorry to hear that. Please fill out the form on our 'Contact Us' page and select 'Lost Property'.

All lost property queries submitted on the form go directly to Rock City, therefore your data is shared with them so they are able to process your request. Neither parties use the forms data for marketing purposes.

Please note we do not take calls regarding lost property. If you do not hear back within 48hrs it means that your item has not been found. Self respect is unlikely to be found.

It happens. Sadly, we can't help here. It is entirely at the discretion of which security member you get on the night as you get to the door. Be nice, tell the truth and you might be ok. But it is entirely up to them.

Demand for tickets is usually around 4 times what we have in available space. So, in order to try and get as many tickets out to those what want them we use time to stagger them.

So, just like a restaurant taking a booking at 7pm and again for the same table for 9pm, we utilise time slots to recycle space. It also allows us to make the ticket queue nice and speedy as people arrive in waves.

Of course, the downside is we have to be strict on the ticket times.

You may also notice the ticket expiry times can vary by over an hour on some weeks. This is usually due to a gig occurring on the same night in Rock City's main hall. For these events, we allow paying customers to enter BCL at the start, then as the gig is cleared, the doors open to the main room. At the same time, ticket holders can then also get access through the main entrance.

If you are part of a UoN society or club who are NOT a BUCS Sport (or team who regularly compete against other universities) you will need to apply for a social via the 'Contact' page and select 'Social Enquiry' from the drop down options.

If you are a BUCS sport or regularly competing team, your allocations are done through the Facebook group form, either your club President or Social Secretary will have access to the group and can complete the form.

Please note we start taking bookings for socials in the breaks ahead of each term, we are typically fully booked by the time each term starts. 

Send us a message

If your query is lost property related we will share your data with Rock City to be able to process your request. Neither parties use this form data for marketing purposes.

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