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Clear your calendars, folks! CRISIS Priority 2024/25 is rolling out the red carpet for new members from 12/07/24. Like a VIP without the paparazzi, it's just you, us, and some sweet, sweet discounts.

It's simple: become a member, get 50% off your tickets, and guaranteed entry every Wednesday. With Priority (£38 for one person) or Priority+ (£65 for two people), the choice is yours.

General priority release:
12/07/24 at 9am

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Priority membership costs £38 for the year & Priority+ is £65.
Here is what you get:

  • Free Entry to our opening 2 events. What's better than a party? A free party!
  • 50% off all your tickets. More parties, less money, need we say more?
  • Guaranteed tickets. No door queues or bidding on Unisalad.
  • Includes All Nighter events.
  • Your very own digital membership card in Apple/Google Wallet.
  • Early access to new events
  • A well deserved feeling of superiority because you're simply better than other people. Fact.
  • Separate Entrance*. Because you're essentially a BNOC now
*At most events.

Priority is for 1 ticket per event & Priority + gets you 2 tickets. You do not have to purchase tickets every week, but you will always have the option.

Sold out

The UK's Biggest Weekly Club Night.
Every Wednesday at Rock City, Nottingham

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