The way you buy tickets for your sports social has changed recently. Previously, you would have received a promo code that was unique to your club and only valid for that event. However, thanks to Ontapp Tickets, our brand new ticketing platform, we've been able to create a one-stop shop with all of your upcoming allocations.

In the past, you may have requested 50 tickets but only received 20. You will now receive 100% of the tickets you requested! The only condition is that you can get your tickets until seven days before the event. They will then be available for general purchase.

How does this work?
The social sec of your club will have received an email with a URL that is exclusively valid for your group. You will be able to access all of the tickets for the upcoming term using this link. Please check with your social sec about the amount allocated to you. You'll only be able to see events for which you've been given tickets.

Tickets are only available for one purchase per person.

Ticket Purchasing Windows:

Wednesday 11th May Deadline - 4th May at 23:00
Wednesday 18th May Deadline - 11th May at 23:00
Wednesday 25th May Deadline - 18th May at 23:00
Tuesday 31st May Deadline - 24th May at 23:00
Wednesday 8th June Deadline - 1st June at 23:00

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