A University of Nottingham student currently working abroad in Barcelona has had flight tickets bought for her to come back to the city for her "favourite night."

Philippa Hood, a 20-year-old University of Nottingham student from Newcastle, has said she is "still in shock" the £184 flight and train tickets have been bought by CRISIS for her to go to the CRISIS Extended Hours at Rock City on October 2.

Philippa managed to secure the tickets after she tried to appeal to people for donations to buy a flight, however, after seeing her requests, CRISIS gave Philly and help in trying to get her over and started the hashtag #GetPhillyToCRISIS.

She said: "Well I started the hashtag as a joke first because all my friends were going to CRISIS.

"I tried to book a flight myself first and it was really expensive so I thought I would tweet and see what happens. I'm really looking forward to seeing them all.

"It's an internship I'm doing out here which I get paid around £150 a month for so it wasn't something I could have done myself.

"It's definitely my favourite club night. I think me and my best friend probably went to every week last year."

Philippa, who is studying business with Spanish and French, is doing a placement year abroad as part of her course and has been working in Barcelona since the end of July.

She has been working at a bike rental company in Barcelona since July, as part of her course requires her to do a year abroad and after December, she will move to France for six months.

Her flight back to Barcelona is the following day (October 3) and has also been purchased by CRISIS.

Philippa added: "I just love the music on the night and how all of the university goes so if you haven't seen someone in a while, you are quite likely to see them there.

"I'm very excited to see everyone again. I can't wait to boogie the night away with my besties.

"I'm still in shock that it's happening. I just can't really believe it because I didn't think they would ever do that but it's very nice of them."

The event Philippa wanted to travel to is an extended club night that can runs until 5AM and online tickets have already sold out.

Alex Galinski, Marketing and Events Co-ordinator for CRISIS, said: "We received a tweet from Philippa about wanting someone to pay for flight tickets so she can attend CRISIS next week.

"We replied immediately and reached out for help from our followers. Philippa and her friends started using the hashtag and were re-tweeting it so it suddenly gained a bit of momentum.

"A conversation with myself and the director started and we spontaneously decided to go ahead and look at prices to get her to Nottingham. After tweeting her again we asked her to say the word and we will book the tickets.

"It was purely a bit of fun and something spontaneous that fits our brand ethos. We didn't want distance getting in the way of a girl and the night she loves."

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