Can we pay on the door?

Who wants to stand on the street for hours in the cold queueing for a club?
At CRISIS you can queue in our neighbouring venue - Stealth, grab some drinks, make use of the facilities and we will ping your phone when we have space for you and your friends.

You and your mates come to our Q venue. When you arrive, you will be asked for your mobile number. We also charge a queue joining fee of £3. You can pay on card or Apple/Google pay only. This money is then knocked off the ticket price at the end, when you're called for entry to CRISIS.

You can then do what you like within the venue. Once we have space available we will message you to say to collect your tickets. You do this within the venue before you go round to CRISIS.


The UK's Biggest Weekly Club Night.
Every Wednesday at Rock City, Nottingham

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