The latest announcements from the team here at CRISIS.

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The Q is moving!

20/09/2018 | B Marsh

With less than one week to go until another glorious year of CRISIS we thought it’s time for an announcement… The CRISIS Q is moving to BOX bar! (Previously known as Red Bar). This means that The Q is even closer than ever (it’s literally opposite CRISIS) 😎. BOX are also blessing you with cheap drinks and venue exclusivity for students! We hope this will help keep your pres going and make your queueing experience 1000x better. To find out how exactly how The CRISIS Q works, head over to our FAQ page. Now there no excuse to ever miss a CRISIS...😉

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Term 1 Ticket Release 18/19

01/08/2018 | J Turner

With summer coming to an end, it's time to start thinking about the new term! And what better way to start it than with a bunch of tickets to your favourite Wednesday night? This term is packed with themes, including some of the old faves and also something new to look forward to ✨ Tickets go on sale at 4pm on Sunday 12th August!! In addition to online tickets, a number of paper tickets will be available in halls. Just a heads up - there are NO 2nd Release Tickets Term1. 2nd Release will resume again Term 2 in place of paper tickets. Tickets will fly, so better be snappy and get in there quicktime ✌️

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CRISIS is going Q-Less

24/05/2018 | A Smith

We are pleased to announce that from the 6th June we will be starting a new "q-less" system for entry to CRISIS for non-ticket holders. Instead of standing outside Black Cherry Lounge for what seems like days, we invite you to go down the road to Rescue Rooms. Here, you can join an electronic queue and then hang out in Rescue Rooms, getting drinks and enjoying yourselves. Once we have space for your next door in CRISIS we will text you and you can pick up ticket whilst still in Rescue Rooms and then head straight next door. Simple.

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Report Bad Resellers!

24/10/2017 | A Smith

Having previously been content to leave the reseller market of tickets to itself, we have been disturbed to see that people are marking up tickets excessively and ripping each other off. Enough is enough! We have decided to make it possible for people to report anyone marking up a ticket by more than 20%. All you have to do is message us on the contact page of the website, start an online chat or message in on any of our social media channels. We will ask for screen shots and things like that to help us make our case. Any successful reports will enable us to cancel their tickets and put them back on general sale.

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Ticket Sale Launch

16/08/2017 | J Turner

The long awaited return of CRISIS is over!! You will be able to purchase your Term One Tickets on Sunday 20th August. Ticket sales go live go at 1:00pm. We have a very exciting Wednesday lineup over the term, packed with LOADS of fabulous CRISIS themes and AllNighters. Tickets will go fast, make sure to grab them quick - don't say we didn't warn you 😉

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500 CRISIS Tickets at Robin Hood 7s

09/06/2017 | A Smith

CRISIS are delighted to be running the bars again down at The Robin Hood Sevens. This year we have set aside 500 paper tickets especially for people who come down to enjoy the rugby, the sunshine (we hope), beers, food, music and just a great atmosphere. So, if you missed out on tickets and want to go to CRISIS that night, head down and pick up yours.

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Official Grad Ball After Party - Thursday 15th June

02/06/2017 | A Smith

So CRISIS have teamed up with the Union and Rock City to bring you the Official Grad Ball After Party for all those who want to keep The Grad Ball vibes going through to the wee small hours. This night is a special merged edition with the usual Rock City Thursday night - "Tuned" making it a bit of CRISIS vs Tuned. Tickets will be at £5.50 and will allow entry anytime before 1:15am. (We will also allow an extra half hour of grace for anyone running late from the ball). Tickets go on sale SUNDAY at 4PM! Please note that the venue has a license restriction of 2am entry so if you miss this you sadly won't be allowed in. Aiming for a 4am finish for those of you who can handle it!

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End of Term Tickets

28/04/2017 | A Smith

Tickets for all our events in June are being released at 1pm on Sunday 7th May subject to the usual website implosion ;) We are, however, holding back an allocation of 500 tickets for the 14th June which will be made available at the Robin Hood 7s Rugby tournament that takes place at Highfields on the same day. So, if you miss out on the website you can come down to Highfields enjoy some Rugby, Music, Beers and get your CRISIS tickets.

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All Nighter is here!

04/04/2017 | A Smith

Well that went quickly! Blink and this term has just disappeared. All Nighter is happening this Wednesday 5th April and we hope you will all be down to enjoy it. Doors are opening at the astonishing hour of 8pm. This isn't done this early because we hate you, but simply is the only way we can work things to make sure as many people who want to come to CRISIS can come in. Short of extending the club, the only thing we can do is increase the hours so at least at some point you can stop in. Thanks for a great term and we will see you back after the easter break

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Tickets now on sale for term 3

16/03/2017 | A Ottridge

Tickets for CRISIS on 10th May 2017 are now on sale. Get them while they are hot! For this one we have put all tickets on sale in advance with no sports allocations (due to BUSA ending). On any given Wednesday we release 2100 tickets ahead of the event. Our apologies if you have been unable to get one. We always then leave a few spaces on the door before reverting to one-in-one out.

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New CRISIS site launched

16/03/2017 | A Smith

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed some changes to the site. Either that or it's already crashed. Never mind! Hopefully our new site will iron out some kinks and inconsistencies from the old one and provide a better experience.