ThrowBACK | 09 May 2018

Tickets released: 02 Apr 2018 at 16:00

Ever wondered about our tickets...

Because our customers are legends, CRISIS will often sell out in advance. If you have been unable to purchase a ticket, here are the other outlets that may have them...
  • Hall paper ticket sellers. Check your hall group on facebook to find yours. They take card/apple/GPay payment only.
  • Pay on the door (The Q). Queue digitally in a bar opposite CRISIS. When there is space we will text you.
  • Buy/Sell Tickets on Facebook - Don't pay a markup more than 20%. If you spot one, screen shot them and send over. We will cancel them. Always use Fixr App to transfer tickets.
Except for All Nighters, we allocate 2100 tickets for advance purchase. They are as follows:
  • 525 Sports Teams Tickets
  • 150 Socials Non-Sport (Socs / JCRS)
  • 825 General Online Sales
  • 600 First year residences (paper)

We then allow approximately 200-400 door admissions depending on how many of the tickets show up. As people leave, we admit any spare capacity there too. This is all administered from The-Q

For All Nighters, it's a free-for-all with everything going online.

Second release tickets will be restarted in term 2 when paper tickets are no longer issued to halls. If you are looking for a ticket and we have sold out, please check out The-Q for how you can pay on the door instead.

Demand for tickets is usually around 4 times what we have in available space. So, in order to try and get as many tickets out to those what want them we use time to stagger them.

So, just like a restaurant taking a booking at 7pm and again for the same table for 9pm, we utilise time slots to recycle space. It also allows us to make the ticket queue nice and speedy as people arrive in waves.

Of course, the downside is we have to be strict on the ticket times.

You may also notice the ticket expiry times can vary by over an hour on some weeks. This is usually due to a music gig occuring on the same night in Rock City's main hall. For these events, we allow paying customers to enter BCL at the start, then as the gig is cleared, the doors open to the main room. At the same time, ticketholders can then also get access through the main entrance.

Yes, you can resell tickets within the FIXR ticketing app or website up till 9pm on the day. There is a transfer limit of 3 times. After which, you will be unable to transfer tickets.

Please note: This is the only reselling we accept. Tickets resold another way, e.g. screenshot on "buy and sell" are prohibited.

We are strongly against the marking up of tickets for profit. This is why we only allow transactions of up to 4 tickets per transaction on regular tickets and 1 per person on Sports Tickets.

If you wish to report someone marking up tickets excessively please email us

All ticket purchases are subject to our Terms and Conditions and privacy policy